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Circular saw blades
frame saw blades
Arbor milling cutters
Cutter heads
Planer knives
Shank cutters
PCD tools
Indexable knives
Circular saw blades
Frame saw blades
Band saw blades
Arbor milling cutters
Shank cutters
Planer knives
Indexable knives
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is producer of professional tools for mechanical woodworking

Nowe piły SpeedCross

   We offer:
 circular saw blades: for cutting of wood, panel sizing and undercutting of laminates,
  cutting of non-ferrous metals-we make also special tools upon customer's request 
 frame saw blades-stellited frame saw blades and chromium plated frame saw blades
 straight-gashed cutters and formed profile cutters with HM and HSS cutting edges
 band saw blades
 knives for cutter heads HM, HSS and CR (chromium plated)
 cutter heads
 service in the field of: regeneration and sharpening of circular saw blades,
  regeneration and sharpening of arbor milling cutters,
  mounting , setting , stelliting and chromium plating of frame saw blades

   The base of our success is:
 long-term experience
 modern machines and production technology
 high quality materials
 production according to certyficated quality system ISO 9001                          

   We assure :
 complete supply - we produce and offer the broadest assortment
  from all Polish producers
 fulfilment of individual customer's expectations - we have a staff
  of experienced technologists and constructors
 trainings in the field of use our tools -  also in customer's seat                         
 trade service by experienced representatives


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