Circular saws with carbide teeth are designed for wood, chipboards, MDF , plywood , non-ferrous metals, plastics and laminates. Our saws are suited for working in a very difficult conditions and with expectation for a minimum width of cut (e.g.the blade, with a very narrow kerf of 1.3 and 0.9 mm thick body – material economy to 20%). Coverage with polymer abhesive coating for which we have received the Gold Medail in year 2006 makes our saws have a high resistance to overheating during working, low susceptibility to adherence of other materials and the characteristic black colour - especially recommended for work on multi-rip saws.

Frame saws blades for vertical and horizontal frame saws from the finest materials from Uddeholm and german steel  - optional chromium coated or with stellited and hardened teeth.

Arbor milling cutters  with HM and HSS cutting edges, whose bodies are made from special tool steel make up the monolith with teeth . We produce simple cutters  and  profile formed cutters for individual customer’s request  ( e.g. for wood paneling, floors, windows, doors, garden programs or sets of cutters to wedge connectors).

Cutter heads with knives and interchangeable hydro mounted heads.

Carbide planer knives, HSS, CR and with special anti-wear coating guaranting them a life comparable to knives HM

PCD tools - circular saws, cutters, drills and service of these tools.


Tools for Sawmills, Furniture Factory, Woodworking companies

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We provide

  • Comprehensive supply - we produce and offer the widest range of all Polish manufacturers
  • Addressing the individual needs of our customers - we have an experienced staff of engineers and constructors
  • Training in the operation of our tools - also at the Customer
  • Commercial service by experienced representatives

Our advantages:

  • years of experience
  • modern machinery and production technology
  • materials of highest quality
  • production according to the ISO9001 certified quality system


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